How To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Venue

How To Pick Your Perfect Wedding Venue

So you’re going to the chapel and you’re gonna get married????? First off, congratulations! Now the BIG question after the big question is popped…. Where will you have your wedding???

You’re engaged! What next??? – The Glass Room

Here are Our 6 Tips/Tricks to Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

  1. Decide on a date, time, and if you need multiple venues

You should decide on your wedding date before you start contacting venues so you can immediately find out whether your top choices are available when you need them to be. The exception to this is if you are willing to pick a wedding date based on your dream venue’s availability. Flexibility can get you exactly what you want!

  1. Know your wedding budget — and stick to it

You can expect to spend about 38% of your total budget on venue. Figure out your absolute max budget and calculate 35-40% of that as your max for venue costs. Sometimes, venue isn’t all that important when compared to the dress, food, entertainment, etc. In which case, you can “steal” from one budget to spend on another. Get creative and agree with your significant other on what’s most important in the budget!

  1. Determine the theme of your wedding

Your theme can determine every aspect of you wedding – OR your venue can determine the theme depending what you choose. If theme is more important, find an easy customizable venue. If you have your heart set on a venue, make sure the theme complements and not clashes with the aesthetics. 

Wedding Theme Plays a Big Part in Picking Your Venue – The Glass Room
  1. Think about location

When you’re looking at locations, think about:

Will elderly and/or disabled guests be able to climb stairs? Are there restrooms nearby? Are there places for people to sit and rest? Is the location for the wedding ceremony close or far from the venue? Will guests need to travel? Is another major event going on at the same time that might make booking hotel rooms for guests more difficult? Is there ample parking? 

  1. Estimate your wedding guest list

Knowing the number of guests you’re inviting and being able to guess how many will be attending is crucial in selecting a venue. 

300 guests? Need a bigger venue. Smaller guest list? Can open up creative options like renovated barns, historic homes, etc. Just know that venues can’t skirt capacity rules due to local regulations and permits/codes so making sure you book a venue that can adequately hold all of your guests is super important. 

  1. Ask for details like curfew, contingency plans, and vendor contracts

Most venues have their own policies and rules when determining all of the details of a wedding. How early can you start decorating? Are outside vendors allowed? How late can you keep partying? What types of food, refreshments, and entertainment are allowed? Are there noise policies in the neighborhood? Are there any restrictions on alcohol?

Getting policies in writing and reading the fine print before you sign and put a deposit is necessary. A dream venue isn’t a dream anymore if you have to sacrifice too many details that you had your heart set on for your wedding day.

The Glass Room – Wedding Venue in Acadiana / Louisiana

Ultimately the decision is YOURS (and your significant other!) At The Glass Room, our winning feature is the adaptability to be everything you need for your perfect day! The Glass Room transitions perfectly from engagement party location to shower venue to reception hall. Priced reasonably within budget, it’s also customizable for any theme! There are plenty of churches and bed and breakfasts and hotels nearby for you and your guests. We think it’s a winner 😉

Give us a call if you’re interested in booking The Glass Room and follow us on FB and Insta @theglassroom_bb HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING! Xoxo

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