Everything You Need to Do Before Your Dream Bridal Shower (CHECKLIST)

Everything You Need to Do Before Your Dream Bridal Shower (CHECKLIST)

So…. you’re getting MARRIED!!!! Congratulations!!!! What next?

Besides the fun in planning the BIG DAY – planning all the celebrations should be equally as fun!! Typically, bridal showers are thrown for the bride and planned by the Bridal Party, but just in case you’re the kind of bride that loves to plan – we’ve put together a checklist for you!

Print it out and use it to mark things off of your list as your bridal shower gets closer and closer. Or maybe your Maid of Honor needs some direction. Send her our way! We’re here to make sure your bridal shower goes off without a hitch on your way to getting hitched 😉

Bridal Shower at The Glass Room at Buck & Johnny’s

3-6 months out

Pick a date and time – typically bridal showers are planned 3 weeks – 3 months from the big day. Decide on whether you want a brunch style bridal shower in the morning or afternoon snacks and tea style.

Create a budget – make sure you include the big things like venue rental, photographer, decorations, food, drinks, plates, napkins, utensils, photo props, party favors, invitations, flowers, etc)

Book a location (hint: The Glass Room!) – make sure your location is photo worthy, convenient for guests, available on your date, budget friendly, and big enough for your intended party size. 

plenty of natural lighting at The Glass Room for your Bridal Shower

Book a photographer – while phones have come a long way in taking quality photos, hiring a photographer can take the responsibility off of your guests so they can enjoy celebrating you!

Compile a Guest List – decide on the number of guests early on so you don’t waste time or money ordering too much or too little of food, party favors, invitations, etc.

Choose a Theme – there’s SO many to choose from, get creative and implement your personality into it!


Better together Bridal Shower Theme at The Glass Room

While these are the main To-Dos to get out of the way first, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist with more things to check off as the day gets closer! Feel free to save it, share it, print it, and use it! 

If you’re looking for a venue for your Bridal Shower, don’t forget The Glass Room! We have ample space for any size party, catering available, props, and a preferred vendor list to make sure all your Ts are crossed and Is are dotted for your bridal shower! Make sure you follow us on FB and Instagram @TheGlassRoom_BB 

Bridal Shower Table decorations – The Glass Room


3-6 months out

  • Pick a date and time 
  • Create a budget
  • Book a location (hint: The Glass Room!)
  • Book a photographer 
  • Compile a Guest List
  • Choose a Theme

2-4 months out

  • Send out invitations
  • Order decorations
  • Reserve props (Check out our Preferred Vendors!)
  • Plan a Menu
  • Prepare Games and Party Favors
  • Book hair & make-up appointments

1-2 Weeks out (Final To Dos!)

  • Finalize everything booked
  • Finalize headcount
  • Buy gifts
  • Buy groceries & spirits
  • Enjoy your day!
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