Baby Shower Game Ideas – How To Make Your Baby Shower Extra Fun!

Baby Shower Game Ideas – How To Make Your Baby Shower Extra Fun!

Baby Shower Game Ideas – The Glass Room Breaux Bridge LA

If you’re looking for creative ways to make your baby shower extra special, then you’re in luck! Baby showers are a special occasion to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and to shower the mother-to-be with love and gifts. While the main focus of a baby shower is typically on the mother and baby, let’s plan some fun and engaging games for guests to enjoy!!!

Diaper Changing Relay Race

Diaper Relay Race Baby Shower Game Idea – The Glass Room Breaux Bridge LA

The diaper changing relay race is a fun and exciting game that will have everyone laughing. Divide guests into teams and provide each team with a doll and a pack of diapers. The first person on each team must change the doll’s diaper, then pass it to the next person in line. The first team to change all of their diapers wins.

Baby Food Taste Test

The baby food taste test game is perfect for guests who love a challenge. Purchase several jars of baby food and remove the labels. Have guests taste each jar and try to guess the flavor. The guest with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

Baby Food Taste Test Game – Baby Showers The Glass Room Breaux Bridge LA

Baby Name Game

The baby name game is a fun and creative way for guests to suggest baby names. Provide guests with a piece of paper and pen, and have them write down as many baby names as they can think of in a set amount of time. The mother-to-be can then choose her favorite name from the list.

Guess the Baby Item

Guess the baby item is a classic baby shower game that is always a hit. Place several baby items in a bag, such as a pacifier, diaper, bib, and bottle. Pass the bag around and have guests feel the items without looking. The guest who can correctly guess the most items wins.

Baby Photo Match

Baby photo match is a fun game that requires guests to guess who’s who. Ask guests to bring a baby photo of themselves, then place the photos on a board or table. Guests must match each photo to the correct guest. The guest with the most correct matches wins.

Baby Shower Venue – The Glass Room Breaux Bridge LA

These are just a few popular baby shower games for you and your crew to have fun while celebrating you and baby! Remember to be sure to have plenty of prizes on hand for the winners. May the best guest win! 😉

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